What Gay Men Do, That Straight Men Need To Learn How To Do

What Gay Men Do, That Straight Men Need To Learn How To Do..a whole lot! You may have heard of the popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” a book that tells about the author’s lessons he learned from his two dads, this post I would call “Gay Man, Straight Man” and me who tells the tales of what a straight man can learn from a gay one and all of it be helpful in attracting more women.

I have had the chance to venture off to several gay bars around the country. I have been to some of the most popular places from New York City to the city of angles and more. The reason I keep going back, for starters I support the fact that human beings have the right to fall in love with and get sexually stimulated by whoever and whatever they chose, but this post isn’t about that topic, its about how I always end the night with fun and unforgettable experiences and I am always in awe of the things gay men do and how women love it! Again this post isn’t about my personal views on that topic, it is however about what gay men do that straight men can really benefit from to meet more women.

I started to learn about this fascinating technique gay men had several years ago while I was living out in New York City. I had a very close friend of mine who was openly gay, but did not “look” gay, you know the stereotypical “gay man look”, so this seemingly heterosexual man who was gay, but women did not know would always score with women. He never had a problem talking to hot girls and them liking him back.

One of the most fascinating things I would experience with him was his interaction with complete strangers. In a city with so much negative stereotypes of “mean people” or “people that don’t give you the time or day” or people who would “curse you out” I was always stunned by the interaction he would have with complete New York City strangers.
The same people that would shove their elbows in your back to signal to you to walk a little faster, or hussle you for a $1 or women that are way too busy to give you a time and the day unless you have reservations at Nobu and buy her a pair of Louboutins. The kind of stuff I would see would leave any man asking “How the hell did he do that?!!” My gay friend had a way with women, he most definitely did.

Let me tell you this guy would have women throwing themselves at him, giving him their phone number, I saw ass slapping, and tits grabbing many many times! And all of it while both parties were sober!! And many times in plain day light!

My gay friend had this trick he would do with girls who had big boobs. If we were ever just walking around the city or at a bar and a girl with big boobs and tons of cleavage hanging out was in his sight he would approach her and he would say “Hey can I play a quick game?” Girl would say “Sure, what is it?”

He would then stick his phone right in her cleavage (while the phone was set to vibrate) and then grab my phone and call his own phone and let it vibrate.

The girls boobs would jiggle, she would giggle and it was always 100% guarantee for the girl to just fall in love with him!

Do I recommend you do it to?

Well hey what the hell, if you are brave why the hell not! But just be warned you may get slapped! You stand warned.
You may be thinking I’m full of shit, but take my word for all of this happening not once, not twice, but very often.

So what did he and all other gay men do that was attractive to women that straight men could and should do??

Here it is,
They were not “Trying” to impress women.
See too often you men come across as the “hunter” yes you are, but literally you come across with this energy so strong you might as well be holding a bow and arrow and say “women come with me”.
I recently hung out at a gay bar and I must have been approached by several gay men, just tell me how hot I looked and we danced, there were body shots done and I did not care. Yes true it was one thing knowing he was not interested in me(make a mental note of that) and that none of them came across as “women you know you like me”.
Knowing they aren’t interested actually keeps the door open. A lot of times men come across too obvious and it’s just no fun or we women quickly head to “defense” mode and do not allow for that men to seduce us.

So recap, don’t be so obviously interested in her right away and take it out of your head that you have to “try to impress her”. Let your natural energy and YOU being, YOU impress her.

Secondly, straight men lack Tact. There is no sense in developing a sexual build up or disarming a woman with laughter. You just go straight for the approach without any lubrication. See a gay man knows better than that! Haha, for several reasons.

So learn the art of what I call “Hypnosis” , it’s beyond seduction its getting the girl to be in complete awe of you and get her full attention on you. I discuss this more in future articles and in my Essentials Dating Guide.

I have always believed there is something that can be learned from everybody. Keep an open mind and pay attention it’s amazing the things you can learn!

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