Why People Block You On Facebook

If Facebook is supposed to connect you, why do people get on it and then block you? In a time where technology has grown to be such a large part of our lives and well when it comes to dating, it has been a huge resource to engage and contact millions. So why do people have these accounts to make their lives public and easily accessible to people, only to block others? Why People Block You on Facebook?

Why People Block You From Facebook

Well one obvious reason is that you are creepy maybe a registered sex offender, you are harassing them, or you are just annoying. In which I agree and ALSO would and have block several people.

Now what is the explanation for the other blocking??

Well I have my fair share of both blocking people and being blocked and this is what I have narrowed it down too:

1. You Know Wayyyyy Too Much Crap About Them

Oh let me tell you, if something makes someone hide more it is them finding out that “You Know” That you know the truth. The truth about them, their past, there dirty little secrets and unethical ways…  I just wish that the same people who “hide” or “block” you would realize that their little lives revolve around hanging around the same people, same places and same little town. Guess what? The world is small and the truth always, always comes out.


2. Being The “Ex- Girlfriend/Boyfriend”

Unless you are stuck in middle school, we all have had and been in a relationship. For the people out there who think the first guy you date is the one you marry I have news for you: It isn’t always like that. If it is good for you. If not guess what?? You will be at one point or another the “EX” and have “exes”.   If you fall in the “Crazy ex category” then you deserve to be blocked and I would block you too! I would give you the “Outta my life button!”  And if you have been this crazy ex bf/gf realize your  ex doesn’t want to hear from you or have you constantly still nagging them…isnt that why he left you?? And then there is the time when the “EX” blocks you the new guy/girl. I can understand this especially when the new guy/girl witnessed some of the crazy ex pyscho activity… So to all the girls who have been dumped, don’t be the crazy pyscho girl then you will never have to block the people who witnessed your outbreak. I know its embarrassing to know that person witness your hoopla so just don’t do it anymore.

3. You Are Annoying

I admit I may be on peoples Block list for this… I write a lot about dating, relationships umm possibly some things that may offend people. It is ok I deal with it. So yeah, if you talk a lot about things people just have NO interest in such as ummm you constantly posting about:

- Your relationship and how much it sucks…

- How sooooo many guys/girls gawk at you and your just Gods Gift to women/men… (why are you still single then??)

- How terrible your life is…

- How fairytale of a life you have…

- How everyone should buy your MLM product…

This my friends causes you to be blocked….. again I admit for the non dating, relationship having or wanting folks, I’m just not that interesting and can be annoying. :) It is ok, I still love ya!

Lastly, you block someone because you just don’t like them and want nothing to do with them. To you, they don’t exist. Sounds harsh, but its the truth and sometimes in life you have to learn how to make those type of decisions to “cut the fat” out of your life and keep only the meaningful relationships. God knows I have done a lot of bothering of bad relationships out of my life recently and you know what… it feels sooooo good! I invite you to get weak, negative, drag-ya-down-do-nothing-positive-to-your-life relationships out of your life. 

Learn to attract then build great relationships you may need a little help. Check out some of the services I offer (see you may block me after this one) check it out here http://adrianagomez.com/dating-coach-services/

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3 comments to Why People Block You On Facebook

  • Juan C

    This is in a lot of ways sad but again you managed to be right. Nicely done.

  • Kyle

    Actually quite often all you need to just say “Hello how are you feeling?” and next thing you know. Block. or “Hi. Would you like to talk more about Flying/Rafting/Fishing?” block.

    What is even more bothersome is when there is a conversation going and you try to add something in about it in a brief paragraph and your ignored while the same conversation is still happening with people slapping each other on the back joking.

    It makes me wonder how THEY got onto the channel and be allowed to talk for hours on end while you say something engaging only to be ignored or worst yet blocked.

    If people are going to constantly block others without telling why then what’s the point of acting like a dumb fuck by chatting in the first place?

    Isn’t the purpose of FaceBook is to know people and sometimes even the nicest person in the world will have a bad day and may snap at you so why act like everyone has to be perfect?
    It only shows the flaws the profile owner has or whoever you call the one doing the blocking.

    This world has it’s priorities screwed up.

    Sorry my post as so long and now my hands are sweaty from so much typing!

    At least taking typing class has helped me a lot! :)

    There are lots of better things to do in life then to manipulate others by luring them into your channel just so you can block them.

  • Kyle

    One more thing. I find it sad when people are so low as to resort to luring others into their channel/profile whatever just to test them for the slightest mistake in order to block them or as you put it hit the “Outta my life!” button.

    In my humble opinion which probably isn’t worth much the *block* button is NOT a toy and should be respected not abused as all the blocker does is make him/herself look like a fool.

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